All you need to know about 1.5 tonne excavators

Established in 1994, Reliable Mechanical & Earthworks (RME) is a premier provider of machinery and earthworks hire in Perth offering a comprehensive range of modern and professionally maintained equipment to ensure everyone is able to access the professional earthworks solutions they require.

The 1.5-tonne excavators are smaller versions of our full-sized excavators and represent the perfect choice for a broad range of indoor and outdoor applications in which a smaller, more compact item of earthworks machinery is required.

If you’re looking for high-quality earthworks equipment, experienced operators and affordable rates, mini excavator hire services are the ideal choice for all projects across Perth and surrounds.

1.5-tonne Excavator Specifications

Don’t let their small size fool you – mini excavators are powerful items of earthworks machinery that are ideal for a wide range of applications. With their small size, powerful lifting capacity and impressive digging depth, they’re an indispensable piece of machinery on a wide variety of projects.

  • Maximum Digging Depth: 2000mm (on solid ground)
  • Lifting Capacity: 350 KG (approximately)
  • Machine Width: 1000mm
  • Machine Height: 2286mm

With an experienced and licensed operators at the controls, a 1.5-tonne mini excavator is a great choice for digging, excavating and removing waste in tight, cramped spaces, like the interior of buildings under construction, or to gain access to a larger outdoor worksite area with narrow entrance points that would prevent larger items of earthworks machinery from gaining access.

Mini Excavator Applications

RME’s mini excavators are suitable for a broad range of applications across a variety of industries including construction, demolition, landscaping and many more. The services that RME is able to provide for Perth clients use a variety of excavators, including the Takeuchi TB016 Excavator. 

Excavation Services

Providing a wide range of excavation services for commercial and private clients, RME is able to cater for all your excavation requirements. With a powerful fleet of mini excavators and skilled operators, RME can assist you with the following excavation services and many more.

Trenching – One of the most popular applications for RME’s versatile mini excavator fleet, trenching is made easy with an excavator like the TB016, with it’s dig depth of 2 metres and a maximum reach of over 3.5 metres.

Post hole digging – To perform post hole digging, an auger attachment is fitted to the excavator which enables the operator to quickly dig through even the most compact soils and surfaces.

Back-Filling – Once excavation has been completed, our versatile excavators can be used to back-fill trenches and foundations. That means a single excavator is required to complete the job.

Auger Hole Drilling – Using an auger attachment, auger holes can be easily drilled up to 600mm in diameter, making our excavators ideal for a broad range of construction and drainage applications. 

Surface Preparation

Although many people assume that mini excavators can only be used for general digging and excavation purposes, that’s not the case at all, as these innovative, highly versatile items of machinery are an excellent choice for a wide range of surface preparation applications that include:

Turf Preparation – Perfect for backyards and outdoor areas with narrow entrance widths, RME’s versatile 1.5-tonne excavators can be used to level, smooth and prepare areas for turf planting.

Paver Preparation – As they’re easily manoeuvrable and can access areas larger excavators can’t, RME’s excavators can be used to prepare outdoor and undercover surfaces for the laying of pavers.

Concrete Preparation – Mini excavators are an astute choice when preparing a site for concreting as they can clear the surface, level it and remove all waste without the need for other machinery.

Rock-Breaking – Extremely strong and powerful despite their small size, our Takeuchi TB016 mini excavators easily break rocks into small pieces to make clearing rocky sites a simple process.

Removal Services

As they’re compact in size and easily manoeuvrable, mini excavators are ideally suited to removal applications, like clearing, rubbish removal and removing green waste from gardens and worksites, including undercover worksites that pose accessibility problems for larger earthworks machinery.

Rubbish Removal – To quickly remove rubbish from small commercial and residential worksites, including construction and building waste, a 1.5-tonne excavator offers superior manoeuvrability. 

Concrete Removal – Compact yet extremely powerful (a Takeuchi 1.5t excavator can lift up to 350 kg), mini excavators are perfect for breaking and removing concrete driveways and other surfaces.

Yard and Garden Services – Ideal for backyard and garden jobs, our excavators can be used to clear yards and garden waste as well as prepare areas for gardening, shed slabs and other applications.

With a qualified RME operator at the controls, these versatile mini excavators can assist clients with a variety of additional applications including, but not limited to, those discussed above. If you’d like to learn more about the mini excavator hire services we provide across Perth and discuss the cost-effective rates we’re able to offer you, please contact the RME team today on 089 3718070.